Posted March 23, 2010


State-of-the-Art Time and Attendance Management System to Streamline Operations, Enhance Productivity and Reduce Costs


Kingston, NY - At a press conference today, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein introduced the County’s new, automated time and attendance system. When fully implemented, the new biometric time and attendance system will deliver an unprecedented level of accountability to County government operations by providing secure real time attendance data for every County employee. The data will be used to track and adjust employee schedules, expedite the payroll process and ensure that employees are properly compensated for time actually worked.

The new system consists of small biometric scanners, to be installed at every County work facility, and a web based, integrated software package. It will replace the manual system now in effect and is expected to result in significant productivity gains and savings.

“It has been my goal from the start to make County government more accountable to the people and this new time and attendance system goes a long way toward fulfilling that goal. The taxpayers of Ulster County deserve to know that they are getting the full benefit of the services that they are paying for and that we are doing everything we can to deliver those services as cost-effectively as possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank County employees who are participating in the test phase of this project for the cooperation and patience throughout this process,” said County Executive Hein.

The new system is currently in the test phase at the Ulster County Department of Social Services. Following the initial test phase, the scanners will be installed at the Department of Public Works and the Golden Hill Health Care Facility. After all test phases have been successfully completed, the new technology will be implemented throughout all County departments.

The biometric time and attendance system was purchased from Time Force(www.mytimeforce.com), a trade name of Qquest Software Systems. It is currently in use by over 35,000 public and private sector organizations throughout the nation.