Ulster County Executive Mike Hein Joins Kingston High School Football Players As They Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence

Posted October 30, 2014

KHS Football Players Sign Pledge As Part Of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Kingston, NY – County Executive Mike Hein and Kathy Moretti, Director of Family of Woodstock’s Domestic Violence Services of the Washbourne House, joined Coach Jaramie Collins and several football players from Kingston High School to raise awareness of Domestic Violence.  Players signed a pledge against domestic violence as a sign of their support against this national issue.

“Recently there have been high profile reports in the news about abuse by certain NFL players, and I appreciate the Kingston High School football players helping to raise awareness and taking a stand against domestic violence,” said County Executive Hein.   “These young athletes are committed to serving as good role models, demonstrating the importance of having real character on and off the field.  Domestic violence devastates families, including the children who all too often get caught in the middle.  Studies suggest that up to ten million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.  This highlights exactly why it is so critical to continue making progress as a society to end this epidemic.”

“I am very excited to see the young men of Kingston High School Football take a stand and pledge their support against domestic violence,” said Kathleen Welby-Moretti, Director of the Washbourne House.  “I feel so very blessed to live in Ulster County and have the support of our County Executive Mike Hein leading the way to raise awareness and address Domestic Violence in our County.”

“With the recent headlines surrounding domestic violence, we thought it was important for some of Kingston High’s football players to set a powerful example of how to behave on and off the field.  We need to have a positive impact on young kids to help them go into the world and make it a better place,” said Kingston High School Football Coach Jeramie Collins.

Some of the resources available in Ulster County for victims of domestic abuse include the Family Domestic Violence Services hotline, which can be reached 24 hours-a-day at 845-338-2370, and the Ulster County Crime Victim Assistance Program, which can be reached at 845-340-3443.  These programs provide counseling, shelter, as well as legal and financial support for victims.  For more information regarding the Crime Victims Assistance Program please visit its website at: http://ulstercountyny.gov/probation/crime-victim-assistance.


Pictured Above: County Executive Mike Hein, Kingston High School Principal Kirk Reinhardt (left), KHS Football Coach Jeramie Collins, Amy Kates KHS Staff, Karen Storch - Washbourne House staff, Director of Family of Woodstock’s Domestic Violence Services of the Washbourne House Kathy Moretti, and  KHS Football players.