Ulster County and Catholic Charities Share Resources for Parents who are Struggling to Find Formula for their Babies

Posted May 20, 2022

County Executive Ryan and Catholic Charities want to ensure that all families who need formula are aware of available supply at local nonprofits.  


KINGSTON, N.Y. - Amidst a nationwide shortage of infant formula, Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan and Catholic Charities shared a list of resources for parents who are struggling to find formula to feed their babies. A number of local non-profits have available supplies of infant formula and can also refer parents to other resources. Additionally, participants or eligible residents can reach out to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program at the Ulster County Department of Health. 


“As the parent of a young infant, I understand how stressful this situation can be. That is why we are working with Catholic Charities and our local nonprofits to make sure that all parents know where they can find baby formula, if it isn't available at their regular source,” Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan said. “I am optimistic that with the help of our robust non-profit network and steps recently taken at the Federal level, we will get through this moment. I want to thank Catholic Charities for springing into action to help our residents and for their consistent leadership in our community.”


"Proper nutrition is essential to a baby’s health and development and for many young families this includes access to baby formula. Last year, Catholic Charities assisted 1,046 households with baby essentials, including formula. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges marginalized and vulnerable families face providing their infants with necessary nutrition – and this has been exacerbated by the shortage,” Shannon Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan & Ulster, said. “We’re grateful to be working with the Ulster County Government and other community partners to ensure parents in need receive supplies to keep babies healthy and growing.”


Available resources for those struggling to find infant formula include:

  • Your pediatrician, who may be able to provide advice on other formula brands that may be suitable for your infant, or may have a supply of formula in office.
  • The following non-profits, who are currently accepting and distributing formula:
    • Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan & Ulster - 6 Adams Street, Kingston, NY 12401, (845) 340-9170 ext. 3000
    • Maternal Infant Services Network - 70 Lindsley Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401, (845) 762-6948
    • Family of Woodstock - 31 Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401, (845) 331-7080
    • Ulster Immigrant Defense Network - 30 Pinegrove Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401, (888) 726-7276
  • For participants of or those eligible for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, the UCDOH WIC program is reachable at (845) 340-3965. WIC provides infant formula as well as lactation support for program participants. UCDOH WIC staff can also screen individuals who are not currently enrolled in the program.