Accountability, Compliance & Efficiency (A.C.E.)

In the 2014 Executive Budget proposal, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein proposed the creation of a new specialized unit designed to be responsible for operational accountability, compliance & efficiency. The new unit, titled AC.E., is part of a reorganization of the existing Golden Hill Transition Team and will not add new positions or expenses to the budget. The AC.E. division will be part of the Department of Finance. County Executive Hein has asked Sheree Cross, former Director of the Golden Hill Healthcare Center, to serve as the Director of this new unit.


The AC.E. division's mission will be to strengthen good government and best practices through intense oversight of all operational areas under the Executive purview and enforcing the County Executive's goals of accountability, compliance and efficiency. The new division will be responsible for the following: 

  • Standard Operating Procedure Compliance; 
  • Program Performance Evaluation; 
  • Enhanced Internal Controls Development & Monitoring; 
  • Department Efficiency Evaluation; 
  • Financial Forecasting; 
  • Corporate Compliance; 
  • Procurement Control; 
  • Grant Monitoring; and 
  • Capital Project Monitoring. 

Additionally, the AC.E. division will continue to manage the legacy duties associated with the transition of the Golden Hill Healthcare Center. The County is still collecting remaining revenues and addressing remaining financial liabilities that were due at the time of closing in addition to completing required close out reporting and records maintenance activities. This new division will consist of the following staff: 

  • AC.E. Director 
  • AC.E. Deputy Director 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Fiscal Officer 
  • Fiscal Manager 
  • Administrative Assistant (Half Time) 

Proposed 2014 Budget Action 

The Executive Budget proposes to transfer existing staff positions, currently located in the Golden Hill Healthcare Center Budget, to the Department of Finance in order to create the new AC.E. division. These staff members have been working since the transition of Golden Hill Healthcare Center to conduct all close out activities and legacy collections. 

Fiscal Impact 

There is no immediate financial impact from this action. The AC.E division is expected to both improve operations and find efficiencies which will result in long term savings and cost avoidance to Ulster County.