Voice Over Internet Protocol

There are several service providers offering internet based telephone service. Some providers offer this service in conjunction with existing cable television service, other are offering stand alone broadband VOIP service.

There are advantages to VOIP telephone service - namely low cost and portability. However, you must verify what conditions may cause you to lose telephone service. For example, if you lose your broadband or cable connection, you will also lose your ability to make phone calls. Similarly, if you lose electricity, you will also lose telephone service. Check carefully with your service provider what effect loosing power and/or cable have on your ability to make calls.

Lastly, ensure that your service provider can provide you with enhanced 911 service. Some VOIP providers simply route your call to our communications center on ordinary telephone lines. This does not provide us with your location. Make certain your service provider routes their calls through the 911 network so that you can still have the peace of mind that your call will come in with automatic number identification (ANI) and automatic location identification (ALI) - both of which allow us to direct emergency personnel to your location.